International Workshop on Kyusei Nature Farming with EM, 11-14 March 2019

We have holding workshop for domestic one in Thai language and International one in English with APNAN.

Regularly International Workshops on Kyusei Nature Farming and EM Technology are organized by APNAN every February and September and other specific one is according special request.

They focus on Nature Farming around every February. The key lecturers and practices are soil management, ‘Kuratsuki’, Home-seed management etc.

The other is held around every September with a focus on basic EM Technology. It covers most EM applications for such fields as environmental treatment, animal husbandry, shrimp cultivation, mushroom cultivation with practicing of EM Bokashi, mud balls etc.

Next regular International Workshop is not scheduled now because of pandemic illness.

You can get further information about it as follow.

Please contact us directly if you have interest in domestic workshop in Thai language.